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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
So far, mine is the only idea I actually like with regards to starbase projects. It keeps smaller fleets happy, it keeps players in larger fleets happy, maybe even happier as they might be tempted to leave their giant megafleet where they know no-one but are only in it for the gear, and join a smaller fleet and make some friends there.
Well sir, Let me be the first to simply state the fact You are bases of liking the idea is biased do to the Fact you Created it Of course It's the best Idea here, It is yours

Personally, I think the Slow changes Cryptic is doing are fine, they are not hammering To much Drastic changes to the system that will Piss off people like me that Started the Fleet system Day One. Gradual changes to the system I can accept, but suddenly Nerfing to the system (I sware if they nerf anything more like they did the bartender mission I might have to goto Cryptics Headquarters and an Angry giant will be knocking on there door. I am Warning you TacoFangs ((I know you have nothing to do with this.. at least I think, but your named after food..)) I will Find you first.. You will be Breakfast.. the rest Will be snacks, lunch and dinner with blood wine to quench my thirst!) I will not tolerate as well.

As for the 2 year Statement, It was in one of DStahls Q&A's. Might of been on the Raptr Q&A can't remember. I know it was Posted to the STO site as well.
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