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Hello again,

So I've started my third character, Klingon Tac officer, and in an effort to try something different from where I've been so far, I've got him commanding a BOP. It was quite a change going from my Engineer's Neghvar, but once I got past the adjustment, it's been fun.

A stumbling point, though, is trying to select Boffs and powers. All those Universal slots are making me cry, "Freedom, horrible freedom!" Assuming one ends up in a Heghta or a Fleet Hohsus, you end up with 1 Cmdr, 1 LC, and 2 Lts. I am in complete ADD meltdown/information overload trying to figure out which station will take which officer, equipped with which power. If I list which powers I'm considering, could I trouble folks for some feedback?

(Equipment note: the ship is sporting Disruptor DHC & DBB and a quantum torp fore, with a second Q aft alongside a turret. All of these are Mk6s, crafted by an alt and transferred so I could have more oomph than the standard Mk4s would have afforded. When I get a 4th forward mount, I figure a second DHC will be the call.)

Tactical: HYT, BO, TT, APO, and CRF are the jump-right-out-at-me choices.

Engineering: EPTS and ET are the obvious ones to me, anything else?

Science: the random officer I got at the outset has Tachyon Beam, which sounded appealing until I realized it's an over-time affair, and I'm trying *very* hard to not be in a fight for any length of time. So my short-but-needs-to-get-shorter list for Science is Jam Sensors, HE, and Science Team, with Tractor Beam leaving me wondering if it has any possibilities.

For Devices, I was figuring on using that Subspace Field Modulator in one slot (when I get to that mission); for the second slot, any thoughts on which battery type gives the most bang for the buck?

TIA for any and all help.

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