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As I haven't played my only fed toon since hitting level 20 on it many months ago I haven't noticed what appear to be fed only issues-

1. My UI doesn't have the the weapons box (normally located next to the tray), tho both my KDF toons have it, and the editor shows that the box is enabled. My fed toons UI also does NOT have the BOFF's displayed on screen, tho enabled and they show on both my KDF toons.

2. My Mirror ship shows the ships name as U.S.S instead of the selected I.S.S on the hull.

3. reported in another thread, when I look at my ship/toon info (via F1 key) my ship info shows my shuttle info. I also noticed the same issue when I look at other players mirror ships.

> Tho not really an issue but it would be nice if I could change the color of the mirror markings on my ship from yellow to something of my choice when customizing.
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