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Originally Posted by william128 View Post
Do Phaser Relays stack x4? or is it diminishing returns. I'm currently working on a Vesta Science ship idea, and this will dictate my slot load out.
They stack, but they stack on your base power damage, before all modifiers (including skill points, I believe). There is no diminishing returns.

I get 90 more DPS with a mk XII phaser relay (purple) going from 3 to 4 consoles and from 4 to 5 consoles. The same number each time I put a console on (maybe a .1 difference here and there).

Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
well there is supposed to be diminishing returns but I know a lot of people that stack as many as they can on their escorts
Link to where a Cryptic dev has said it was supposed to be diminishing returns? From what I had heard, it is working as intended.

Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
I believe the Quad Cannons scale off both weapons and engines, but those are the only other ship weapons I know that draw off something other than weapons power.
Have you tested it? I didn't test that in Tribble, because it appears to just scale with the weapon system power. It just drains -10 from engines every time it's fired.