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12-05-2012, 09:46 AM
I generally agree with the original posters opening statement. Yes, the KDF side needs more real content, the ability to play 1-50, more ships, war targs, and depth of development for its Great Houses and constituent allies. The Fed/KDF war is stale TNG era bad scrypt and story writing that blocked what could have lead to non allied cooperation resulting in more stories engaging more interesting enemies. But all the negative QQ towards Devs over past KDF neglect is just as stale as said neglect.

If I were the development team and had agreed to make some player requested changes, was unable to do so because I had other priorities, and then read all this apathy, bitterness and whining, I would likely say screw you, see if you get anything now, just out of spite.

What we need to do has been done. We have asked for things to improve KDF play. The teen angst apathy liar name calling does nothing to improve our chances of getting that content and may even hinder it.

I have more fun playing KDF not because that side is better developed but because my Fleet KDF bros and sistas are more fun to play with and we kick ---. When we chug a mug of blood wine from the fountain and raise our pocket knives in the air with a mighty OORAh! Then go out and make some trouble, the content isn't even noticed.

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