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12-05-2012, 08:52 AM
I'm inclined to say: Use a tac cmdr with APO, dual CRF, dual TT and skill of choice (if using DBB and/or torp, maybe a finisher for that, but I'd hesitate to use less then 3 DHC's).

Sci, I'd go for HE (for hazard clearing) and maybe TSS, as it doesn't conflict with tac team.

Other than that: try stuff, experiment, I'd say.

I've had lots of fun running a sci in my lc, with grav well 1. Coupled with regular tac cmdr and ltnt cannon/torp skills, and my tac captain buffs.

Alpha strike&kill one, damage it's close friends with torp spread and potentially some cannon love, if the first one dies quickly, and grav well them together on the warp core explosion of the first.

Then high-tail it out of there popping self-heals and evasive manouvres.

Device-wise, maybe shields, if your running a build that's light on heals. If running science-heavy, aux, so you can still run full weapon power.