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Originally Posted by ragestroke008 View Post
Short Term

Long Term

More puzzle orientated missions (optional in case there are those with neither the skill or patience).


This continuing idea that improving the challenge of a mission means increasing the auto-kills the computer gets is... i want to say cheap but i think lazy is a better term. And also bad- as it is linear, and suffers from the same problems of having every new ship being just slightly better than the previous new ship. Eventually things get too far out of hand where the original ships become totally obsolete and ineffective- devaluing them completely.

In the case of difficulty it reaches a peak where victory becomes purely a factor of luck rather than skill. or outright impossible- leading to the necessity of stronger gear being made available- continuing the upward spiral and expanding it into the previously mentioned problem. And frankly that only works for no win scenario- as it is an endurance based mission. 'see how far you can get' with no expectation of actual completion. the concept itself is very niche however, and while it would be fun to see one or two more scenarios like this (Maybe a ground version?) One must be careful of overuse.

In short, challenge should be a function of strategy and skill in a team, not only a factor of dps and healing. That is why I enjoy the original stf's. You have to depend on your team to cooperate and split their attention between multiple goals. Where cooperation and teamwork are rewarded with an easier time completing the mission.

heck, onslaught could be just as long, and much more fun, with only two tac cubes at the beginning just by having something special happen- like giving them an expanded range of powers, or having one adapt to your ships weapons and abilities when the other is destroyed- forcing the team to survive while they try to get around the new defenses- maybe making the team destroy a set of smaller defenses around one of the borg structures that decorate the map and then upload a virus. And in the end still having it only partially return weapon functionality, but maybe return full function to other boff powers (like tykens and well, photonic shockwave, aceton beam, weapon mod, etc).
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