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Originally Posted by kharns View Post
We've thought about it, but the general feeling is that we enjoyed the game for what it was at the time, but none of us really want to see what it has become under the p2w design. I know I personally left on a high note with Stegi's going away event. If the game ever becomes competitive we'll look into it, but it seems it hasnt changed.

To Jorfy - I will be playing MWO, just not with you
Does that mean you'll play with me?

Thread Topic: the only time I play STO anymore is when MWO is down for a patch. but when I play I play clean.
The lionshare of sto's population (what little remains) is so bad we don't need cheese guys. Also tric mines? really devoras? Those weapons are laughably bad. Moar AOE and Intercept mode. Seriously, I could probably vape half the population with a shuttle. Jeeze. Don't make me regret joining TSI devoras.

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