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12-05-2012, 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Absoultely. I consider the bug ship to be overpowered in comparison to the defiant. But you know it might be fun to fight your bug in my defiant. Let's see what happens.
hey trip, it seems you nova core and 7th core is on my mind 24/7. your clearly wrong. i could care less about the 2 to be honest. atleast sob even tho they use skilless consoles can run clean and win. i highly doubt nova could. and if your fleet amoung other fleets would play clean pvp would be a better place. but go for it bro, kill pvp more then it is. i knew you from the days when this game was not f2p. when you and ur wing man would roll up on people with double target engines 3. but yeah that was cap and hold. its the only place i ever fought you. ss3 vm 3. but i love the way im always called out when clearly more players have been more vocal then i ever was. to be honest even tho i know you as a player with skill, to even go around and say your a learder of nova core.......crap i would not be so proud to say that. so i guess i have to give you props to even say it. but to say well cryptic let us have this bs so we use it is a cop out for a fleet full of lack of skill.

maybe nova core could be in a better light if they played clean. it will never happen because they wanna be a fleet full of kirks.