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12-05-2012, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by aaronjarcher621 View Post
Hey everyone,
I just recently started playing STO again and was wondering how the following build would work for me. I like to be able to control agro, but still deal a fair amount of damage.

Feel free to ask any questions and offer any advice (other than going tactical lol)
The Skill build is ok, but a couple of things:

1. Driver Coil sucks. Yes, yes, it makes Full Impulsing into a fight slightly less terrible... but it's still terrible. Full Impulse is something you should aim to use the least possible.

2. Impulse Thrusters>Engine Power. Both for Speed and Turn Rate, so it makes no sense to max Engine Power but not Impulse Thrusters.

3. More Hull is always nice.

4. This is more arguable, but personally I prefer to decide between Energy Weapons and Projectiles.
Putting points in both makes it easier to change your build, but it also means you've always got a Skill that doesn't do much.

So, the changes I'd make:

Driver Coils: 6->0
Impulse Thrusters: 4->9
Engine Power: 9->3
Structural Integrity: 4->9
Power Insulators: 0->6
Projectile Weapons: 9->0
Energy Weapons Spec: 6->9

The BOFF setup? Well, tbh, you'll change it a few times until you find something you like.