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12-05-2012, 09:53 AM
If there are issues with their data, it probably comes down to flaws in how they interpret it.

It wouldn't be in THEIR interests to make things up.

And I do think they have arguments internally about how to interpret it. And I think that gets muddied further by taking in demographics from other games and that data can sometimes be misleading.

And they have data from City of Heroes and Champs. They have employees who worked at other companies like Blizzard, Zynga, EA, and Maxis.

And that can be conflicting.

On one hand, City of Heroes' sub numbers didn't increase due to City of Villains, for example. On the other hand, WoW's population exploded with The Burning Crusade and newer servers often have more Blood Elves alone than Alliance players.

On one hand, none of City of Heroes' unpopular changes cost them more than 5% of their players. On the other hand, Galaxies and TOR both had rapidly plummeting populations.

How you interpret all that kind of data is key.

And they may be doing it wrong. But we don't have the data to compare notes on how we'd do it either.