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12-05-2012, 09:59 AM
Sry sollvac but you are incorrect, anytning that happened in the prime timeline may still unfold. We were not told any specifics of who has perished. Any and all characters from the "primeline" May still be around. Just because events unfold differently does not me similar outcomes are not possible. After all the primeline enterprise crew is now together.
the newverse is doomed the true universe is fine

And in any work of fictionthe writers are indeed "god."
nah they are like senior NCO's they only think they are God

Most of your agruements have lil to no merit. Q did introduce humans to the borg "early" as guinan even said that humana weren't suppose to be out that far that soon. Vulcans not in starfleet, um hello spock.
Guiinan of course now Dies in the ribbon
and spock isn't vulcan
besides there will now be no more
all vulcans have a duty to live in an armoured bunker and breed

Also you "assume" alot with your time scenarios. If one goes back and kills speices 1, who is to say species 2 doesn;t simply take over and become the borg. Clones of clones of clones have mistakes, not the original clones themselves.
clones have mistakes (earth science has proved this with carnivore Sheep , 6 legged frogs and mice with no ears)
Clones of Clones just mostly Die

If you hate what jj has done thats all good and fine. But anything and everything is still possible in the abramsverse
for example its now impossible for Spock to suffer pon far and go home to vulcan
its also impossible for the Vulcans as a species to have any major impact
they are now PANDAS
they need to be captive bred