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12-05-2012, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post

Just to be clear, there are borken combos, and the blame is and will always be with Cryptic. But since P2W the name calling between Vets, has gotten out of hand. If i wouldn't know you guys, and just be in the match reading zone chat, i doubt that i would have ever gotten into pvp. I can only imagine that new players have similar reactions.

Maybe on a side note, SVR will never police the PUG builds of its members.
I've been hoping with the boot camp talks that we would see less bickering and more pushing newer players. That hasn't seen the case, unfortunately. I was in a match yesterday on a RA sci I'm finishing up, and it was 2/4 (2 me and a friend) and the newer players RAGED at my max spec GW spam (not my fault) ;p

After the match, I informed them of boot camp and OPVP. Hopefully they will proceed with PVP but we really need to try to be nicer to each other and give newer players advice. If you see a eng in a escort /w no tact team, tell them to get a tact team. Give them the shield distro keybind. Link some of the awesome build write ups. If we ever want to see EPIC fun queues again, we need new players and we also need to respect each other. If you don't like someone, ignore them and act like they don't exist. It's not very difficult. /ignore @handle

On the note of Nova Core, rarely is their use of the console effective. Sure they can pug stomp but if they run into a small group of decent players they get savagely beaten. They have been doing the same stuff for months. They won't stop, so why give them any notice? It always falls on def ears.

Less bickering more PEW PEW!
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