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Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
Strangely it seemed that the data was supporting the predictions of the Tribble testers (who were ignored).
It has been said numerous times that only a few hundred people actually go on Tribble and most of them just idle the one hour so they can get their free Tribble testing reward. I was only able to play two PVE queued missions on Tribble because after the first day or so of Tribble testing weekend, the population was GONE.

As far as the voices of Tribble testers being ignored, they could raise prices of everything by 1 dilithium and there would be mass outrage on the forums... There are even people complaining about the free Breen ship... yea complaining... so they don't care what anyone says on the forums...

So... Barely anyone goes on Tribble and you can't even count on the data to be reliable. People copy characters over and over and over and it gets the economy out of whack. I have 500million EC in both account banks on tribble and redshirt, along with about 8 unopened jem hadar boxes... 200 unopened doff packs, 100 rare powered artifacts... all from copying characters. This is why during F2P beta there was a set of structured rewards and you had to roll a char from scratch for the first few weeks.

There was already a thread about Tribble testing and how nobody tested and what not (trying to assign blame) and most of the yuppies in that thread complained about hard drive space and how they are not testing a game for free.... blah blah blah so you all need to quit crying. /thread
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