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08-11-2009, 07:50 PM
.....What if I wanna do combat in my own ship? What if my pet's want to mutiny and I have to take back the ship because I didn't keep the balance? What if I want to go plum crazy and get half of Starfleet after me? What if....I want to violate the Prime Directive?

AHHHHH......there's a term I don't hear nearly enough thrown around here. I guess it goes back to the aspects of gameplay I was looking forward to. Scanning a new world and discovering what kind of life forms it has. Should I send for a science vessel? If i'm in a science vessel how do I best go about coordinating a study from the planet surface of the local populace. And should the locals over run my science facility what levels of diplomacy or force should I use.

THAT is Star Trek. I'm a sucker for massive fleets facing off in battle as much as the next person. But why does combat have to be so stressed? I want it to run smooth, but I don't want it to be the focus. I don't know many trekkies who truly believe that the point of Trek was to vaporize new species the fastest. And I'm sure it's not what Roddenberry had in mind. I know i's the story lines. And all that science talk is boring.

But who says two away teams from different species never laughed at the joke about the Ferengi in a Gorilla suit over some Romulan Ale eh?