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Originally Posted by aaronjarcher621 View Post
Hey everyone,
I just recently started playing STO again and was wondering how the following build would work for me. I like to be able to control agro, but still deal a fair amount of damage.

Feel free to ask any questions and offer any advice (other than going tactical lol)
It is a very solid build overall. If you are going to tank though, I would strongly advise no more than 3 points in threat. 9 points in threat will draw enemies 70Km away to your position. Providing you are attacking the enemy ship, you will have no problem holding aggro. And it will be even easier if you are able to obtain a threat generation science console from the Romulan Embassy (increases stats such as hull repair at the price of higher threat generation). However, with your current bridge officer layout, you will have some difficulty tanking.

I have made a few changes to the build in order to maximize your ability to take and heal incoming damage. The build can be found here. The build makes several changes to the bridge officer layout. Among the most significant is the fact that the build now uses the Lt. Commander universal for engineering instead of tactical. The build also now heavily relies on heals. Your current build has four heals and 2 of the 4 heals share a (15sec) global cooldown. The only heal that doesn't share a cooldown with another ability is Hazard Emitters II. This would pose somewhat of a problem while tanking incoming damage. The changes made offer you a total of 7 heals. 2 of the 7 heals share a global cooldown. (Emergency Power to Shield I x2, allowing for you to have the ability up 100% of the time.) Two of your other heals also share a very brief cooldown with other abilities. Engineering Team I shares a (15sec) cooldown with Tactical Team I(instant shield cycling) and Aux to SIF (small heal and damage resist) shares a (10sec) cooldown with Aux to Dampers (powerful turn rate and speed buff).

As for the skill points themselves, the changes I made dropped threat to 3 and added points to Structural Integrity. It also added points to impulse thrusters, armor, auxiliary efficiency, and power insulators. The changes also dropped 3 points from Engine and Shield Efficiency, two points from warp core efficiency, and one point from warp core potential. (The difference between 6 points and 9 points in efficiency is two power, better allocated elsewhere)