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12-05-2012, 11:20 AM
I can't figure out why anyone would try to insist what MUST happen to the new universe or people based in it based on probability of the same events unfolding. They don't have to be probable. The writers just have to decide to make them happen

Even writers can't fight the curve

When has probability EVER been right in Star Trek?
All the time ??
Data and Spock Jadzia and Tuvok (later corpse girl as well) always giving probablities

I can think of dozens of times where someone stated that the probability of an event was low or high. And they were never right. Because what happened was what the writer wanted to happen. To get the events the writers needed or arrive at the point that the story was supposed to make.
and hundreds of times it was right

butter a piece of toast
spread it nice and thick
holding it vertically by the corner over your most expensive carpet drop it

the probability of it landing butter side down is considerably higher than 50%
indeed butter and drop 100 pieces of toast and about 70% will land butter side down (more if the bread is curved , the toast is particularly crispy or the carpet is hard to clean)
this is due to probability And the law of bloody mindedness

Probability is a red herring.
that would be PLOT

If the writers want Tuvok or Picard or Guinan or the Borg, they'll make it happen.
only if they send back another time traveller to save the timeline from kirk

And I'm going to advance predict that they'll setup the introduction of the Borg in this one, with the Borg as the next villains. Missing colonies, maybe. A Borg after the end credits.
And kill the franchise ENTIRELY
Trek fans are totally sick of the Borg

And people may complain and say they should do Klingons -- and I'm burned out on the Borg a bit as well. But if I were putting a teaser into the end of the movie to get audiences buzzing for the next one? I'd probably go with the Borg.
Id go with Spock standing over the body of Kirk with a phaser in his hand firing into the body over and over again

OR the Enterprise being scanned and displayed on a view screen by a Grinning (orignal series ) Gorn

Maybe have the next film be about Klingons and Kirk putting aside differences to fight the Borg. Because it would fill seats in a theater.
Or the Borg and Klingons putting aside their differences to fight Kirk