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Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
So... Barely anyone goes on tribble and you can't even count one the data to be reliable.
Generally I'd agree with with you but Season 7 (as pushed live) was so brutal on the Dilithium sinks and the cutting back of Dilithium rewards that simple common sense should have told Cryptic it was a huge mistake.

All of the concerns raised on Tribble were magnified a thousand times over once S7 went live - and if I were in Stahl's position I'd be damn sure I thought long and hard about Tribble feedback for Season 8 before pushing it to Holodeck.

Honestly, I don't know what to make of the 'fixes' they've implemented since then - they feel like a poorly-planned 'knee-jerk' reaction - in some ways they've overcompensated dramatically (the Dilithium rewards for reputation projects were completely unnecessary) - in other ways they've done nothing whatsoever to fix the damage Season 7 has done (Doff costs/Fleet Marks).

And then there's strange decisions such as shortening the project timers to 20 hours but leaving the store unlocks/purchases at 40 - opening up the Omega/Rom Marks->Dilithium conversion at Tier 1... honestly, the whole system is just a bizarre mess now - it's better for the players, but it's still a pig's ear of 'game' design.
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