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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
There are no 5 weapon forward/back slots in any ship in the game.
I think that's the point why I'm suggesting it be the upgrade for the b'rel. As a torpedo ship a 5th forward slot only benefits a torpedo setup that fires from ambush cloak.

The ship itself is mighty weak and putting guns on it not only disables the unique cloak but also makes it a one-shot pony.

I am going to assume you are not really thinking about what a extra FORWARD weapon would do in a ship that can fire torpedoes under cloak.

A extra Tactical console could grant you 30% more base damage at best, a 5th weapon slot would give it about 25% more damage PLUS all the Tactical consoles extra damage on top.

GROSSLY overpowered.
Not really. The 5th slot is a one time shot only torpedo since this IS a cloak-fire-cloak ship. You're not going to get the same kind of dps bonus you would from a cannon/beam non cloaking ship.

Also dont say it have "low" tactical consoles, it have 3 and many "tactical" cruisers also have 3, low means 2 consoles that is what you find in the Galaxy-R, Interpid-R or the non Tactical Oddys (just Tactical I could point out the Steamrunner only have 2 Science consoles), the BoP are meant to be jack-of-all trades that is why they have a equal number of consoles until the Fleet system come about and we got the Ning'tao 4/2/3 and the Fleet Ning'tao 4/3/3.

Did you just compare a bird of prey to federation cruisers and science ship for damage on tactical console? LOL. Here's a hint: Look up those ship's shield and hull stats and come back and tell me.

BoPs are meant to be versatile ships in the how they deliver their damage but they ARE attack ships first and foremost.