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The Solution - please Cryptic
Quite simply, drop the Dilithium requirements for the entire Reputation system and earned items, we dont even need the Dilithium drops/rewards if we dont need to spend it for the earned items (unless, of course, you really need to give us Dilithium so that we can sell it on the exchange).
After pushing my way through the reputation system, I can honestly tell you that the dilithium requirements are not bad. People are just burning themselves out, for they are trying to tackle fleet bases, embassies, and the reputation system at once. Its not possible.

As someone who is a rabid critic of Cryptic, I can 100% assure you that the reputation system is near perfect.

...the massive Dilithium cost to upgrade doff makes this path all but impossible except for the Dilithium rich.

If you have been playing the system for about a year, like myself, you would have realized duty officers have always had a dilithium cost. When you complete each tier in your selected commendation (diplomacy, science, military, etc...), you can unlock duty officers in which can be purchased with dilithium. You can buy those duty officers at a cheaper dilithium cost than through upgrades. Here is the bonus... You get to choose a specific duty officer type, so that you will not just get a random officer.

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Does it matter how fast starbases or embassys are built? or how quickly toons level up? or whether so-and-so gets all his Mk12 gear in a week? What matters is that more people play the game and enjoy it. Surely, it is that simple, isn?t it?
Upon observing the system as a fleet member and owner, I noticed that people want both fun and progress. People want instant gratification through a fun and passionately driven experience. If one or the other is lacking, people become quickly disenfranchised. People want to see instant results for their efforts, and they want them to happen in a fun and exciting environment.

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