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Are you kidding? I heard about this Tholian Captain, expecting a tough fight. The wimp went down in 8 seconds. Honestly, Commander Rhuul's group was harder than this.

The environment was the same as a foundry pre-made cave map. Nothing new.

Thumbs up for the story. More Tholian goodness. I just wish we could've read what the Dewan wall tablet said. There was an accolade, but I couldn't find it.

Looking forward to tier 4. Judging from the map, tier 4 might be the last instance on New Romulus, unless tier 5 is somewhere else...or it could be a space mission?
I read the accolade text in my character's log (right-most tab in "J" menu). Ther Dewans somehow got themselves killed through trying to reactivate the portal.