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12-05-2012, 11:20 AM
This continues despite months of requests for a fix.

Between this and invisible torpedoes, and the continued failure of them to FIX the Romulan Arc torpedoes AND the absurdly low proc-level of player-equipped plasma, I don't think they know how to alter/repair the plasma-weapon coding.

I've flown in under a cube, FAW and all three PDs running at the same time and still get one-shotted for over 150,000-300,000 damage out of nowhere.

It's almost like a timer is running, after X amount of time pick one target, explode target.

That's not "challenging." Challenging would be to give us an in-game method of countering that level of damage, avoiding the torpedoes or giving us a way to shoot them down for sure.

We have plasma-torp-shotguns in some of the Romulan missions that can't be countered too, that is when the guidance works correctly. close to 90% of time they reverse course and strike the launching vessel. While somewhat amusing, I can sit back in most Romulan Arc mission and let the enemy vessels destroy themselves. This cannot be working as intended.

Eight tickets, and stopped playing Romulan Arc missions. Which is a shame as those are some of my favorite missions... and with the focus on the Romulans this season.. you think they'd want to showcase those missions... and have them fully operational at this point.

Borticus, if you are reading this can you give us some kind of indication as to when these issues will actually be fixed? We've asked... quite a few times. If they CAN'T be fixed please TELL us so we can move on.
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