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12-05-2012, 12:33 PM
I would assume costuming falls to a specific part of the team. That said, any time/resource put towards KDF would be better spent in increasing our base uniform/costuming options and, hopefully, unlocking access to options they themselves cheat and use on NPCs (including stealing Fed off-duty mercenary belt and leg elements for their Orion model of the new midriff-length winter event Winter Coat!)

I agree that eventually giving us Klingon-looking armor displays and kit-displays will be nice.

But first, I want them to at least grant us access to the same gear they keep cheating and using on their NPCs.

Add Fed off-duty robes and sets to our uniforms (As appear on most NPCs)

Remove species-boundaries on most of the shoulder pads and gear accessories (as appears on most NPCs)

Unlock the greatcoat

Add the swords, daggers, and unused Bat'leth models we see on walls to our weapon selections

THEN focus on creating brand-new designs for armor and kit visuals.

It seriously shouldn't take this long to unlock things that clearly are already designed to work for us. I would rather have clipping issues on some gear combos until the QC team can fix them or remove those combos than wait much longer for access to the fantastic things the Devs do with their NPCs, likely without ever knowing they are breaking the unnecessary rules we need to follow.
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