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After pushing my way through the reputation system, I can honestly tell you that the dilithium requirements are not bad. People are just burning themselves out, for they are trying to tackle fleet bases, embassies, and the reputation system at once. Its not possible.
You might be right that the dilithium requirements may not be that bad, but I dont see it myself, 20, 30, 40 or 50k an item (excuse me for not knowing the exact prices) is still a lot, for casual players anyway, and up to Season 7, they were free.

OK so people cant do everything at once, but in Season 6 they could do a lot more at once than they can now. Whats the game about, surely, it should be about people enjoying themselves, if they were enjoying doing all those things in Season 6, then Season 7 has to be a backwards step, even if not for everyone.

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If you have been playing the system for about a year, like myself, you would have realized duty officers have always had a dilithium cost..
Yes, 10 times less.

Originally Posted by linyive View Post can unlock duty officers in which can be purchased with dilithium. You can buy those duty officers at a cheaper dilithium cost than through upgrades. Here is the bonus... You get to choose a specific duty officer type, so that you will not just get a random officer.
Yes you can, and I have. The trouble is, Lt Feras doffs seem to have been particularly chosen for their mediocrity. I still end up on the exchange looking for doffs most of the time. And remember you have been playing for a year, new players have a much harder struggle to learn the system. My new toons start off well, mainly because my existing toons can sub them some good doffs, someone new to the game cant do that unless they are in a very kind fleet.

Hardcore players and those with all the gear and doffs arent the ones being hit hardest by the Season 7 changes, new players are, and they are the ones Cryptic need most to pay for all of us to play the game. Your OK, Im OK, a lot pf people reading this are OK, but there are a lot more who arent.
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