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It still made a profit And the 'at best' is that it made a lot of money, was quite good to non fans, and 'merely' mixed among previously ST fans.
S*** movies make more profit with less money
...way way way way moreST 2009 is an average movie like it or not ,nothing amazing about it just in "meh" category not worthy of the name.

JJ is just a average guy (like his movies) with no imagination or any talet.PLay some foundry missions in STO and you will see that there are people which are way way way better than him at writing good stories and using the brain for imagination,none of them being paid millions.

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ST was never big overseas anyway though
Then excuse my european a** for buying all Star Trek movies on DvD and BluRay or fan clubs in UK or Germany ...heck ,excuse Patrick Stewart for being from oversea