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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Hi Tripwire,

PaxOttomana here. I read this thread in it's entirety since it touches base on a few things I talked about on these forums on in the past.

I guess I can say Nova Core and the Sad Pandas have something in common when determining the regulation of the use of P2W. They both refused to do so in their fleets. Or at least limit them to a certain few that were "ok". They outright refused. So Nova Core and Sad Pandas are kinda the same in that respect.

However, I can't say the same when it came to the actual results. Even though they were stubborn in not using some of the things on the list, notably SN Doffs, they did not use them openly. Nor did they use any of the other items on the list. There was just a refusal in general to comply with some kind of preset rules. Despite this, they did, as did the Critz. And so did S.O.B. to a degree.

Even though Nova Core was not present at all in this thread, I'm sure there could of been a reasonable ground reached with you guys as well.

Currently TRH employs a SN Doff deterrence policy. We currently can say we have enough of these doffs to substantiate 3-4 alts per character in our fleet. We threw this up there and a rampantly known fact that if you use these Doffs, we will use them tenfold and your fleet will be restricted to only using the toon that has them. If I am not mistaken, your fleet does not have that kind of luxury. Which in part is respected by our fleet for not using these doffs on fleets such as yours.

Now I understand Pascal is organizing a league. In this league there will be thorough rules set down as far as how game play will go in the queues and in this league. Although it is probably for the set matches, but we just might all be able to agree on stuff to use/not to use in the queues. I will not be present at the meeting for TRH, but Hank will be.

Aside from that, we've been watching this thread develop and think that you took Devoras' post as an opportunity to state an unfortunate zeal to use lame stuff.

If TRH, Critz, Pandas, TSI, Risa, Lag Ind, RE, Angry Clowns, 106th, all have some kind of regulatory style of governance to cheese or limitations on P2W then it shouldn't be difficult for your fleet either.

Otherwise, your entire post is just an excuse to lash out with garbage on your ships. While you complain about being targeted and given crap about it, and you want it to end? Be part of the general community and start enforcing general respect for the invisible rules this community has thus far enforced. Those that are alone, like DFII and Trekkie BBS will be all that's left in that genre of players. Talon Jones doesn't even use trics or sn doffs....

Good luck to you.
You know I appreciate your response. Pascalb has called my fleet every name in the book. But what Pascalb may not tell you is that I used to be friends with him. Never talked down to him. We pvp'd often together.. But then he lashed out at my fleet and me. For using mines. Or because someone was using something he deemed to be pathetic and unworthy of great fleets. Now I could go into detail about how abusive he was to me personally but I will not. I will simply say I will never forget how unacceptable he treated me and we will never be on the same terms we were before. Just so you are clear on where him and I stand.

However I will work with Pascalb or any other admiral or fleet that is working to better the pvp community as a whole. I cannot speak for the other admirals but I am confident they stand behind me in my posts here. If some gentlemen's agreements can be made between multiple fleets for the public queues then Nova Core will be happy to oblige. But please be clear. You may think certain things are cheese and others are not. But the opinions of our players may not fall in line with that of you, your fleet, or anyone you've listed in your alliance of fleets. If the members we have who pvp can agree on whatever rules are set forth then we will be in agreement as a fleet. If not then unfortunately we will miss out on the oppurtunity.

Regardless we have some nice PEOPLE who play this game in our fleet. I would hope the community respects their opinions of the game even though they may not agree with them the same as anyone in the community would do for the members of their own fleet. Thank you for your very respectful response. I look forward to working towards bridging an agreement with what we all want for pvp with both my fleet and you, TRH and the community as a whole.

Let no other player discourage you from what you believe you can achieve in PvP. Though you may walk alone through looming shadows of doubt cast upon you by your enemies. Forge your heart with iron casting its shape out of only your pure will to push forward. You will not be denied eventually.

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