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Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
Yeah I'm pretty sure the rest of the world added up equals more than the American market alone.
Im pretty sure you dont know math.There are over 700 millions people in Europe ,thats double than US.Even if you have less Star Trek fans per captia you will still get number of star trek fans in US .

If you add the rest of the world...US is really tiny compared to the rest of the world

TOS was not that big in Europe and in the rest of the world in the 60 because ...well ,it was the cold war ffs.But you probably know that and dont think the world in 2012 is exactly like the one in 1960.

Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Funny I watched an interview with Patrick Steward where he said that he got a call to read for the part of Captian Picard and he had to ask around what was this show called Star Trek - he had never heard of it before. He was like "Well you have to understand I had my neck deep in the Threatre - sci fiction was not my cup of tea"

Yep ,you probably dont know history..

TOS was not popular in the 60 in Europe (cold war being one of the causes).Europe had other sci fi shows liek Space 1999 (in the 70s right after star trek - english director with american main actor).

Now if Stewart had no idea about Trek maybe you should ask JJ

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You think ST2009 is an average movie, fine, but that does NOT mean it IS one.
Is not average because I say so (I said is s*** not average) .The movie is average because there is no part in that movie that remains in your brain after it ends...its a big average nothing like most "remakes" using old franchises.Average acting ,average script ,over the average horrible computer animations and lens flare ...and over the average paycheck for JJ.

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