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# 1 18th Sigma Fleet - RP Fleet
12-05-2012, 12:24 PM
18th Sigma Fleet

Who We Are

This fleet started several months ago as originally just a casual fleet for social gameplay. The fleet base has been established (near Tier II), and a recently the fleet has decided to develop into a full-fledged RP fleet. With this change, we are looking to actively recruit new members interested in Star Trek lore and RP. Also, even more importantly, we are looking for more officers and leaders to develop this fleet to the best it can be.

What We Require

1. Mature (Preferably 19+)
2. Interested in Star Trek lore
3. Team player (This is a roleplaying fleet, so teamwork is needed)

Currently we are also looking for officers and leaders to help establish and maintain this fleet. Please contact myself via message, or in-game at Locke@ubermatten

Where is the Fleet Based

As the leader, I am based in PST. However, this fleet doesn't have a specified timezone (no restrictions).

How to Contact/Apply

If you are interested in joining the fleet, or have any questions regarding the fleet, please contact me in-game at Locke@ubermatten. You can also leave a message on this forum, and I will attempt to contact you as soon as possible.

Current Recruiting Status


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