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12-05-2012, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
Anyone who whines about P2W in STO sucks, period. Anyone who wants to have anything in this game can have it, whether from lobi or zen or whatever, the bottom line is P2W is the excuse of the player who is crying, and says nothing about folks who play the game and find ways of getting ahead.

The whiners about p2w are the ones who are terrible, not the folks who advance themselves using the means available to them. Don't have money for Zen? Lots of players don't, that doesn't mean you still can't get everything you want anyway, unless you are either a terribly limited player or play in a terribly limited fleet.
You are making many very poor unfounded assumptions regarding why people don't like P2W and the quality of play from the players who expess their views regarding P2W.