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We bicker and argue amongst ourselves in the fleets in pvp chats in zone chats and sometimes its out of frustration, It happens to all of ous, but the responsible people for how bad balance in pvp is even without the pay2win crap is Gecko.

Change is needed, we just dont have the right person there to help ous, instead he increase the crap with the consoles/ships and the other junk.

People regard me as an exploiter and fine sure you know we all did use it, some people weren't just aware of it but I actually did bug report the Attackpattern-Zigz incidient. The only thing that made them change it was it was brought up on the PVP forums and had big flames going for like 200 posts..

How can we as players sit around and say don't do bad things with these powers when? sometimes its not even as obvious as faw1.0 was we had 200 posts in that thread and most of them in the start was it was totally fine to use.

I don't mean that I think new ships and consoles are bad in everyway tho, I mean I would love to have new ships and consoles and engines and all sorts of things Its just the goal for the current consoles/ships and stuff its just to sell and it have a bad impact on pvp as it currently is done.