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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
Web Death/Kilawpilath here..

When looking at the Romulan Faction for the Reputation rewards, first thing I noticed was the fact that you can get hanger pets. Scorpion fighters.

The Rare ones seemed like a nice thing to get.. A little pricy in the dilithium and Romulan mark cost.. But do able.

They come with Plasma Pulse cannons and a Plasma Torpedo. Which is kinda cute.

The Very Rare Tier 3 varients how ever...

Cost 120 Romulan Marks, 24,000 Dilithium, 2 Peregrine fighters, 20 warp coils, and 20 Engineering or Operations Doffs

And with those they give the Scorpion fighters..

Dual Plasma Cannons..

That's it....

Not a Rapid Fire.. or maybe a high yield 1 or Spread 1 for the Torps.. A Dual Plasma Cannon..



My advice to Carrier pilots might be if you have the funds and you REALLY want those pets.. go for it. Other wise, in PVP, skip them. They aren't worth the cost of admission.
Wow that's underwhelming. I found that when given the "Release the hounds!" command the blues will stack torp dots pretty quickly. Aside from that I thought they functioned as I wish all pets did, meaning they are easily destroyed.

IIRC back in the day your consoles were supposed to affect your pets' damage. Are you finding that is still the case?