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12-05-2012, 01:37 PM
I told Cryptic about selling coats for the winter snow maps months ago. I should get an idea finders fee cut of every jacket sold lol. I can pull up my post to prove it. I told you they would fly off the rack, judging by comments so far. And they do look great. Unless its too grindy or expensive, every one of my Captains and away teams are getting a jacket for Christmas!

But how exactly do I get them? Are they in the holiday bundle for 5 lobi? So thats what opening two lockboxes per jacket bundle?

How are they equipped? Do i have to pay EC everytime I want to wear them and save my old costumes for each Capt and BO? Ideally they are devices where I can keep armor fx disabled and enable jackets on the fly whenever I beam down surprisingly into a blizzard. So can you fill in the exact details of the jackets Jman?

Also Jman, what are the odds we can get a year round winter map based off Yosemite National Park? Day and night cycle. Big wood lodge. Deer to hunt, etc
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