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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
From Borticus's comments below, it looks like it'll be in next week's (December 6) patch:

From November 21:
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic
I've tracked down the issue at hand. It stems from not all Bridge Officers sharing the same defining config files.

So, while these projects are set up to accept generic Boffs of the associated types, those Boffs are only currently obtained thru receiving a "Failure" outcome on Duty Officer assignments that recruit that species of Boff. The ones purchased at stores, or received from mission completion, are different config files, even though they share the same Display names. Therefore they cannot be used for these projects at this time.

We'll be updating the Projects to accept a wider range of Bridge Officers (hopefully encompassing all possibilities), and should have that fix in next week's patch.
From November 30:

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic
Correct. Between the software changes that were required, and the large amount of data we had to change/updated, there was insufficient time for a solid QA review after making the changes that were made, in order to make the cutoff for this morning's patch.
December 6 patch notes for Holodeck have not been posted yet, but I've seen nothing in the Tribble patch notes to indicate the fix was rolled out there (other than the last time, when patch notes said it was fixed but it wasn't)

This is a huge problem, hope that the patch tomorrow fixes it. Any word, Borticus?
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