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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
What is this Viewscreen you are talking about?

i do not have such a thing on my Bridge!

the icing on the cake:

i fly the Fleet Scourge and it doesn't let me change anything in the Ship Tailor either,
without me buying the Tier 4 C-Store Scourge or i get this error:

soo that Char/Ship is stuck with the Default Bridge forever and it does not even have a Viewscreen!

If they don't take the time to fix things like this (at least broken since Season 6, viewscreen maybe before that?) then why would you think that they invest time to hook up random animated pictures to so many Bridge-"Maps"

- that would require at least one picture for every sector/map your ship can be in (at least the major sectors).
- animated pictures are made up of 4 pictures, (think animated gif), so it would not look good either.
- it needs to be hooked up to every Bridge in the game (thats a lot of "Maps"), and the viewscreens have different sizes / forms, some even have different Pictures (because nobody ever thought to streamline the viewscreens in preperation for any upgrades to the game *duh*).
- and finally there needs to be code that lets the bridge-map know in what map the spaceship currently is to show the correct animated picture on the viewscreen...

so we need 1 texture guy (Thomas?) to make nice viewscreen pics of every sector
we need 1 Map artist (Taco?) to touch up the Bridge Viewscreens... on all 50 or so bridges (sounds boring)
and one Coder who supplies a bit of code with an extra "ship-location" variable that tells the interior what location the ship is in... plus a short list of all pictures and locations...
and if the locations is not known a default in-warp picture.

sounds to me like maybe 2-3 days of work for these 3 people.

do-able? yes... priority? none.

now if somebody could fix my viewscreen?

I think you're vastly oversimplifying the issue. The tech required is likely much more than 2 days of work. Not a coder, so I don't know for sure, just basing this off of my previous experience with such endeavors.

Creating texutres requires loading each map and taking a proper screenshot at least, and could require more effort if we want anything fancier than that. That's probably 2-3 days, but could be much more.

Applying what is potentially 50-100 new system textures to 50 viewscreens, and hooking all of that up to work with this "new tech" is significantly more than 2 days of work. We basically have to duplicate the screen X times (X being the number of different images) and then tag each of those new screens with what it is, so the 'tech' can swap them out. Then we do that for each of 50+ bridges.

And all of that doesn't even take into consideration what you see when you look out a window. . .

Doable? yes. . . worthwhile? Questionable.

My main issue, as I've stated before, is that bridges are in a sad state already, and I would rather start over from scratch, include things like this, and do it right, than to try and hack this into an already limping system. But, that requires more time/work/effort/cheese.
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Tacofangs, what is your beef with where's Sulu?