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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
Do not worry ,most people who will try pvp with it dont know about keybinds ,boff powers and how to set them up ,or proper builds for heal/damage or how to skill a toon...stop with the panic ,it wont affect pvp because pvp is not played and even if it is no one will kill you

dont forget that the winter event has a pvp system...snowballs pvp
Just because you don't play PvP doesn't mean other people do. Like for example: People with the gametag Mewi Just saying. Cryptic has gotten 80 times worse these last few months with game balance, they keep releasing fluff doff specializations, and skill "improvements" just recently they patched a skill that could kill any player in under 10 seconds with repulsers, supposedly cutting beam also has a similar effect. GG Cryptic, the geniuses of game scripting.

Oh look it is trek21 defending cryptic again, big surprise there.

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