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Originally Posted by cipher_nemo View Post
For starters, Star Trek is NOT Star Trek Online. STO is based on Star Trek, and I know Cryptic tries their hardest to be as true to Star Trek canon, but there are only so many things you can humanly do in an MMO.

After all, Star Trek encompasses a whole universe of possibilities while many other MMOs are focused on one world, one planet. Exceptions are EVE (among others), but then again in EVE you never get out of your ship, no ground-combat, etc.

All of that needs to be taken into consideration here. Many of us would love to have a wide range of features and possibilities, but much of it is not realistic for an MMO. What we can have is some good questing in a Star Trek themed MMO with the Federation and Klingon Empire, while looking forward to expansion packs to add more content, more factions, and more features over time.
i feel the need to disagree. STO is based on IP of star trek online and the only reason to bring up star trek universe is - let me see - aha: to let the players live star trek universe. Btw star trek universe and its difficulty of creation might be veeeery discutable subject because lots of the content is computer generated and not man crafted as in regular whole fantasy worlds at "1 planet". As EVE online is actually very impressive it was not too difficult to bring this game to live becausw the only thing you interact with is another players star ship (or its debris : ) ). otherwise there are just stones in space (planets, asteroids) and fake star bases (you dont get to move inside of them, you just see one room you are in with your ship and thats it).
Forgive me my argumentative attitude please.

What i was trying to say: if we want to play shoot, loot and run, we would gladly go and played one of the millions games in there. However star trek online is based on world we dream about to live in and this world consists from interesting things. Combat is just small part of it. And if someone promises that they will bringe mmo game (as mmo principle is to offer a world and let characters to live in it) from that universe with that IP then we should expect to have the opportunity to be part of it as we know. And for sure in mmo and game development IT IS possible to do loads of things we dream off.

Simply enough unfrortunetly Star Trek online is about the wide range of things we would like to have, thats what star trek is never be anything else.