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and that is stupid because most people tend to open boxes on main toon .Some items (tholian sword ,temporal weapons ,ferengi whip) are bound on pickup .Id rather want to see all free lobi crystals removed and made account wide than rage when I open a box on a wrong toon.I already opened D'Kora on my tactical officer which has the jem hadar ship when I needed it on my engi.This game is probably made for robots because humans make mistakes and it seems mistakes are not an option.
Either this or make EVERYTHING in the Lobi store boxed and either account bind on pick up or character bind on unpack.

I basically only get the uniforms from the lobi store, really ticks me off that UNIFORMS aren't account wide unlocks.

I can understand things like scarves or belts/earrings.

But actual UNIFORMS!? Really?

A more obvious money grab I have yet to see.