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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
Yesh Cryptic thank you for the over powered eyecandy! Keep doing more of the same! It is "free" Im so happy, im so sorry for complaining all of the times you lied to me! I forgive you for the endless dilithium gouge, that you will probably also impose on this "free" ship! But that is okay! You gave me overpowered eyecandy, so I forgive you, no matter how many more bad ideas will be conceived in the future, as long as I get my overpowered Eyecandy for "free." Yay ^.^
You know you are a smart girl; I'm just surprised you haven't learned that to work for PvP balance in a mainly-PvE game is... well, that it's not exactly rewarding, or likely

And there are plenty of games with much better PvP modes for you.
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