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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
Welll lets see, 2 points under the turn rate of most escorts, increased shields, increasd hull, all the tact slots you'd want, all the engineering slots you'd want, all the sci slots you'd want... 4 aft weapons, 3 device slots, high crew, command tactical, lt tactical, ensign universal :S and $10s says Breen Energy Dissipater* Universal Console is going to break the game by itself.

+5 to engines +10 to weapon power yupyup.
a vet ship with a sci LTC sloted looks more dangerous to me. down on hitpoints a tad but with a more useful, minmaxable station setup. a vet ship with a LTC eng is stupidly more dangerous.

you know im usually 1 of the first to screech and howl about something being op, but i just don't see it here. was it you that insisted the fleet patrol was on par with the bug ship? im still trying to figure that one out.

the truly OP ships are the ships that do 1 thing well, that are further buffed to do that 1 thing well even more. the bug ship and recluse being the best at dilivering damage and healing damage respectivly, and the most OP in their field.

this ship looses what makes an escort do its thing well, and lets it do other things pretty good in exchange. in the end your left with something closer to mediocre then op. i see this as a fun ship that will fit my preferences well, a ship that can do most of everything, but not be a standout at any one thing. its not that at all. the 10 consoles, 8 weapons, its sorta needs that to be competitive really.

i mean, this ship cant even use 2 AtB. if it could, like the tac LT was a 2nd eng LT, then HOLY CRAP ITS OP, with tech doffs.
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