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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
My view of the world is mostly 'go with the flow', and I like it that way Much less stress that way; just enjoy things I like as they come along, and stay out of the way (mostly; I have a weakness against opinions like yours, that are against the flow)

I could dispute Cryptic's decisions, but I choose not to None of them have angered me, or annoyed me, or anything like that, so why bother?
I don't want STO to die to Stahl and PWE's style of greed. I expect all companies to have greed, but this is so far over the top I can't just sit and shrug it off, I gotta vent the annoyance somewhere, where maybe.. by some magical final fantasy style chance, where they'd read it and acknowledge the problem(s) see I have hope ;3 I just hide it in the absolute disgust for their business practices.


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