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Originally Posted by c0nd1t10nr3d View Post
Would you prefer Trek21 and the rest of us be like you and dispute everything that Cryptic does that is not within your own personal preference and/or taste?

If so... there's a perfect community I can think of where you'd fit right in Mewi... It's called the Borg Collective! You'd be very happy there cos everyone will think and feel EXACTLY the same way you do about EVERYTHING!
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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a fleet patrol can tank as well, as in receive damage and live, but it cant fly as fast, hit as hard, or have the on target up time thanks in large to its turn rate that the bug ship has. there is quite a large difference between the 2 as a result.

the vet ships are already basically nerfed, with 9 consoles wile also needing 1 for its special, its got only 8 to work with really. also the .9 and .83 shield mod. they are not fleet ship level as a result, and that sort of balances them. borticus posted about the console in the pvp section, its target able and clear able with ET. it doesn't look to over the top.
Then let us just leave it to time and pray that we don't have another repulser style death bomb. The ship stat/slot wise, no matter how you look at it, is unbalanced. I can't see how you can argue against that.

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