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12-05-2012, 02:17 PM
Last years race did indeed only take a matter of minutes but changes in the last dev blog are suggesting for many it will take much longer.

The whole premise is you get around the track faster than an NPC opponent who never slips and makes constant progress around the track. If you leave the track you fail the race, so if you cut a corner too sharply you fail.

The devs have said it is the same race but that does not mean that it has not been tweaked in that the NPC's could be faster and the wiggle room on corners reduced to increase the difficulty. Heck even the slippiness values may have been changed to slow you down on corners.

I really doubt everything in this race will be the same as last year, although the spamming of F to start it will likely still be there along with the 20hour cooldown.


Originally Posted by last dev blog
Unmelting Snowballs: Although free Snowballs can be picked up from any of the various piles that dot the Winter Wonderland, they will melt after only about 10 minutes. These special ?Unmelting? versions are the same timeless Snowballs as previously available, albeit with improved descriptions. Each purchase will net you 10 Snowballs that can be thrown at friends, or used to combat the Snowman threat on Q?s Winter Wonderland. And since they do not melt, you could also stockpile a collection to be thrown at unsuspecting targets long after the Winter Event has ended.
these things knock people down so guess which people are likely going to be on the receiving end after certain peoples race of the day has been done on their one character?