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12-05-2012, 03:20 PM
Considering that many folks have more than half a dozen characters, would it not make sense to have the cost 400-500 of those thingies. That way people are able to spend more time doing this and other stuff in game and still have time for a real life over the holidays. The idea of having to think about this minor task for 25 days (time gated) feels too much like a mandated ritual to STO/PWE for a free ship.

As for the option to buy the items, 2-6 tokens for 5 lobis (which is obtained via lockbox-key purchases) is way to small. At least 10 and more like 20, tokens for 5 lobis is appropriate (not that I would spend money on what, is suppose to be a free item).

Finally, I just plan on doing this for two of my toons (the ones I want to give it to), but others might want to be able to change which toon actually uses it. An account-bound box would allow the player to move it to another toon and then it is character bound on opening is appropriate.

Either way, nice gift, just don't make it a pain in the process of getting it.