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I've read several such threads, indulged the "traceroute/nettest, reset your router and IP setting" hoop-jumping, and it has accomplished exactly ZILCH for me. And here we are, weeks after the season 7 pre-patching, and the problem remains. Am I just supposed to assume it's coincidence that I had no problems before they launched a season and the playerbase became more active?

Maybe Cryptic is relying on localized ISPs along the way to do some of the IP address managing and they get away with it when it's not peak times or something. I don't know. But I can play anything else online just fine.
You DO realize that nettest and traceroutes are not intended to FIX an issue, but provide some sort of information for the TS team to work with, right?

Tech support consists of working with known remedies that have helped some, gathering information from the results of said work, and finding new remedies or solutions based on information provided from diagnostics and testing.

Resetting network hardware has worked for some. Changing your IP address has worked for some. But there isn't a magic bullet that works for everyone.
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