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Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Mewi and Trek21, I will just say this.

Take your PvP someplace else. You have both derailed this thread enough at this point, and you both sound like petulant children who just need to have the last word in your petty little argument.

Not a single one of the rest of us, gives two piles of feces, about anything either one of you are saying anymore, because both of you have gone past the point of saying anything useful (one of you never even tried), and you are now just continuing to derail the thread for your own petty little insult contest.

At this point you have both made yourselves look bad enough. Grow up.

This thread is about the stats of the new ship.
AND on that topic.

I still think the thing is as ugly as ships get, but it does have some very nice stats. I am liking the 4/4 weapon slots along with the whole can load cannons. I honestly really like the stats. It's a good ship.

Too bad I will never fly it.
Oh, I'll do the winter event and get one, maybe even one for a couple toons.
But, to me, it's just a butt-ugly ship.
I have to echo a sentiment from somewhere above me in this thread.
Why couldn't the Galaxy Dread have a stat out like this ?
I mean , seriously.

And lastly, a question. In canon, the Klingon ships were resistant to the breen energy disapater. Will there be any way to reflect this in the game ?

Thanks for a great ship, Devs.
Sorry I'll never fly it.
It is an old battle against rational or irrational thought, usually always revolved around one topic: The competence of Cryptic, that would be the center of why we argue against one another.

Now he can say I am irrational, or I can say the same, but who is right?

Only the facts can say, and those facts clearly state, the recent stats and consoles of newer ships, doffs, etc are throwing the game balance out the door. If you don't try to get Cryptic to balance this mess in a rational manner, it will only get worse.

That is a guarantee ~

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