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12-05-2012, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by hippiejon View Post
Mewi and Trek21, I will just say this.

Take your PvP someplace else. You have both derailed this thread enough at this point, and you both sound like petulant children who just need to have the last word in your petty little argument.

Not a single one of the rest of us, gives two piles of feces, about anything either one of you are saying anymore, because both of you have gone past the point of saying anything useful (one of you never even tried), and you are now just continuing to derail the thread for your own petty little insult contest.

At this point you have both made yourselves look bad enough. Grow up.
Good point hippiejon! The thread has gone totally off topic and just let me say this...

It wasn't just Mewi and Trek21... it was me aswell. I apologise and I'm shutting up now. I've had my fun although I still reckon Mewi should not be so opinionated and respect not only what the Cryptic devs have done for us by giving us this freebie, but also realise that we all have our own opinions and not everyone has to agree with them!

Anyway... That's my two cents and sorry for my part in derailing the thread!