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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
You you people not talking about the 27th S7 Blog, the Breen Chel Grett Warship, and it's stats, please take your personal arguments/attacks to a different stage. If you want to explain how/why you think this ship is OP or not, or express potential build stats, that would be one thing to debate. Going on and on for pages about how much someone does/doesn't support/complain about Cryptic or if they do/do not reply to your argument, is so off topic is makes me LONG for a Report button.


Dontdrunkimshoot, will you please explain this some more. What do you mean about the Chel not having on-target up time? And forgive me, but what is AtB, and why does not having two of it a bad thing?

Thank you.
He is talking about ability to get a fast moving target in a 45 arc for Dual Heavy Cannons, you improve this by improving your turn rate. And AtB is Auxiliary to Battery, you'll find memorizing PvP acronyms really irritating, there is like a new one every patch lol. Personally I find it easy to just type them out.

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