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12-05-2012, 04:16 PM
haveing looked at the stats, im kinda scaching my head on this one. i cant really come up with anything im really happy with. i'll give it a try though

4 DHC, 4 turrets



TB1, HE2, TSS3

borg engine
borg deflector
maco/khg/fleet shield

2 turn rate, breen energy console
borg, temporal, 0 point/leach
4 energy damage

2 damage control doffs, 3 bfi doffs

sorta boring, but should tank well. it needs lots of APO with that turn rate imo. if you could spare the console space, TBR2 with 3 partical gens could be cool, but... you cant really spare the space. VM1 if you have the right doffs could be used, but you would have to put 9 into decompiler and buy hellishly expensive doffs for it to be worth it. GW with a ton of gravaton might... do something maybe. energy siphon2, tykerns 1 and TB1 with the console power might screw someone over pretty well, but a siphon drone barfing carrier will do the job twice as well.

its an ok ship, don't think it will escort very well, and unlike the vet ships it cant 2 AtB. even with a sci LTC i think the vet ship is more useful.
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