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Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
Yeap. I've seen him use the OP words on many other ships in the past and tend to agree with him most of the time.
Her* but I don't think I've stated things as over powered too much, I did argue against the vet KDF ship as over powered compared to the fed vet ship, and the KDF being allowed to have maco shields as being over powered.

But generally I'm nearing the point of... what is the point anymore of trying to get them to do game balance? Their greed seems to be their only motivation, not providing content that will keep this game running in the long term.

Ah well~

Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
It's why just because you can use cannons doesn't always mean you should. More so if you don't know all the tricks.
I don't know if you think that is what I believe, or if you are just saying it, ;p just to be clear, I like the unique approaches to weapon usage, over the limiting arc of DHCs. I was just explaining what dontdrunkimshoot was saying in context.

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