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12-05-2012, 04:37 PM
I already post on the Nova Core thread, but I want to told you almost the same things :

I play a lot of Pvp (with my KDF toon Burpoowheel) and we met a lot of time TSI and I.
In my opinion, TSI are simply the best around here and I always enjoy fighting against you (I died a lot, sure, but that's normal, as, when we saw you, half of our team log out.

In my opinion, P2W is nonsens (as we can have every single OP console for free) and I can't understand why this skill or this ability would be less "honorable" than an other. Btw it's pvp, the purpose is not fighting with honor but winning (and for that surviving, first). So yes, you should use everythings you can and do not listen to complainers.

You're the best guys, I told you sincerly, from my little experience, and I'm so sad seeing you so affected by a group of complainer.